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11/23/20 1:41 pmAnonymous7302KingSpec Z3 Portable Series
KingSpec Z3 Portable Series
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KingSpecZ3-128SSD (Portable)KingSpec 128GB
11/23/20 12:58 pmAnonymous7901SanDisk Extreme Portable
SanDisk Extreme Portable
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SanDiskSD9SN8W256GSSD (Portable)SanDisk Extreme 256GB on Pi 4
11/23/20 12:51 pmAnonymous4985SanDisk Ultra 3D NAND
SanDisk Ultra 3D NAND
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SanDiskSDSSDH3500GSSD (2.5" SATA)SanDisk Ultra Sabrant USB
11/23/20 12:51 pmAnonymous4866Western Digital Blue 3D NAND
Western Digital Blue 3D NAND
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WDCWDS500G2B0A-00SM50SSD (2.5" SATA)SanDisk Ultra Sabrant USB
11/23/20 12:29 pmAnonymous7240Inland Professional
Inland Professional
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InlandSATASSDSSD (2.5" SATA)Inland professional SSD 120GB on Pi 4 using startech Sata to USB adapter
11/23/20 11:30 amAnonymous8721Crucial BX500 Series
Crucial BX500 Series
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CrucialCT480BX500SSD1SSD (2.5" SATA)Crucial BX500 on RPi4 using Ugreen Adapter
11/23/20 10:49 amAnonymous7537Kingston A400S Series
Kingston A400S Series
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KingstonSA400S37240GSSD (2.5" SATA)Kingston A400 on Pi 4 using SUPERSPEED USB BOX for 2.5 HDD/SSD EE25-XA6
11/23/20 9:11 amAnonymous481AData Premier
AData Premier
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ADataSDC10 U3pi3b
11/23/20 8:57 amAnonymous664Transcend (USD C10 V30 U3)
Transcend (USD C10 V30 U3)
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TranscendUSDU1C10 V30 U3ssd
11/23/20 8:52 amCHH8143Samsung 860 Evo M.2
Samsung 860 Evo M.2
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SamsungSSD860EVOM.2500GBSSD (M.2 SATA)Samsung 860 EVO 500GB on Pi 4 using Elungteng USB 3.1 Type C to M.2 adapter
11/23/20 8:49 amAnonymous1527Toshiba SD (SA32G A1 C10 U1)
Toshiba SD (SA32G A1 C10 U1)
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ToshibaSA32GA1 C10 U1
11/23/20 8:29 amgforment2605SanDisk SSD Plus
SanDisk SSD Plus
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SanDiskSDSSDA120GSSD (2.5" SATA)SanDisk extreme 500 via usb 3 on Pi 4
11/23/20 8:06 amAnonymous1530TI SD OEM ( A2 C10 V10 U1)View ProductTIA2 C10 V10 U1sd card
11/23/20 8:02 amAnonymous8296PNY Elite Portable
PNY Elite Portable
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11/23/20 7:16 amAnonymous5401Hitachi TravelStar 5400RPM
Hitachi TravelStar 5400RPM
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HitachiHTS541010A9E680HDD (2.5" SATA)
11/23/20 6:58 amAnonymous1184SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
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SanDiskSC32GA1 C10 U1
11/23/20 5:55 amjeka7207Samsung 860 Evo
Samsung 860 Evo
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SamsungSSD860EVO250GBSSD (2.5" SATA)EVO 860 USB UAS driver 250GB
11/23/20 5:44 amAnonymous2701Kingston A400S Series
Kingston A400S Series
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KingstonSA400S37120GSSD (2.5" SATA)
11/23/20 3:32 amDeMarvin8552Crucial BX500 Series
Crucial BX500 Series
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CrucialCT120BX500SSD1SSD (2.5" SATA)Crucial BX500 120GB with ELUTENG USB 3.0 to SATA @ PI4B 2.1GHz
11/23/20 2:41 amww8989431Samsung T5 Portable
Samsung T5 Portable
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SamsungPortableSSDT5SSD (Portable)
11/22/20 9:27 pmv0re7928Western Digital Blue M.2
Western Digital Blue M.2
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WDCWDS500G2B0B-00YS70SSD (M.2 SATA)WD Blue m.2 sata ssd 500gb
11/22/20 8:09 pmAnonymous6601Western Digital Blue M.2
Western Digital Blue M.2
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WDCWDS100T2B0B-00YS70SSD (M.2 SATA)WD Blue M.2 SSD on Pi 4 using ArgonONE case
11/22/20 8:05 pmAnonymous2506Kingston SSDNow V300
Kingston SSDNow V300
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KingstonSV300S37A120GSSD (2.5" SATA)Kingston over 2.0
11/22/20 6:44 pmAnonymous1268Samsung Evo (00000 C10 U1)
Samsung Evo (00000 C10 U1)
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Samsung00000C10 U1MicroSD
11/22/20 3:40 pmAJBH2o8153Samsung 970 Evo
Samsung 970 Evo
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SamsungSSD970EVO500GSSD (M.2 NVME)Samsung 970EVO NVMe M.2 w/Amazon USB HUB on Pi4GB
11/22/20 11:03 amAnonymous1646Western Digital Red 2.5" NAS HDD
Western Digital Red 2.5
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WDCWD10JFCX-68N6GN0HDD (2.5" SATA)WD Red 2.5" on Pi 4
11/22/20 10:27 amAnonymous721SanDisk Extreme (SUXXX C10 U1)
SanDisk Extreme (SUXXX C10 U1)
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SanDiskSU16GC10 U1
11/22/20 9:17 amAnonymous10278Western Digital Black SN750 Series
Western Digital Black SN750 Series
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11/22/20 8:58 amAnonymous7202Kingston A400S Series
Kingston A400S Series
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KingstonSA400S37240GSSD (2.5" SATA)pi ssd usb3
11/22/20 8:48 amAnonymous8614Samsung 750 Evo
Samsung 750 Evo
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SamsungSSD750EVO250GBSSD (2.5" SATA)Samsung 750 EVO SSD on Pi4 using JSAUX SATA to USB adapter