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10/11/20 4:56 pmAnonymous851SanDisk Ultra (SKXXX C0)
SanDisk Ultra (SKXXX C0)
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10/11/20 2:55 pmVerzinZelf8235Corsair Force GT Series
Corsair Force GT Series
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CorsairForceGTSSD (2.5" SATA)corsair force gt 120gb test Pi 4
10/11/20 2:45 pmAnonymous619Samsung Evo+ (EXXQT C10 U1)
Samsung Evo+ (EXXQT C10 U1)
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SamsungEB2MWC10 U1
10/11/20 1:57 pmAnonymous504eVtran V03S SLC Series
eVtran V03S SLC Series
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eVtranV03SSLCUSB FlasheVtran SSD
10/11/20 1:53 pmAnonymous511Toshiba SD (SA08G C4)
Toshiba SD (SA08G C4)
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10/11/20 12:21 pmStefan1057SanDisk Ultra (SLXXX C10)
SanDisk Ultra (SLXXX C10)
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SanDiskSL32GC10SanDisk 16GB SD-Card
10/11/20 11:12 amAnonymous1025Samsung Evo+ (EXXQT C10 U1)
Samsung Evo+ (EXXQT C10 U1)
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SamsungEB1QTC10 U1Samsung Evo 850 using Startech SATA to USB
10/11/20 11:12 amAnonymous4396SanDisk SSD Plus
SanDisk SSD Plus
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SanDiskSDSSDA240GSSD (2.5" SATA)test
10/11/20 10:47 ammashkalji7877Crucial MX500 Series
Crucial MX500 Series
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CrucialCT250MX500SSD1SSD (2.5" SATA)Crucial MX500 256 using UGREEN usb 3.1 gen 2 enclusore
10/11/20 9:48 amAnonymous1069Samsung Evo (00000 C10 U1)
Samsung Evo (00000 C10 U1)
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Samsung00000C10 U1
10/11/20 7:03 amFBNLPi6571Samsung 840 Evo
Samsung 840 Evo
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SamsungSSD840EVO250GBSSD (2.5" SATA)Samsung SSD 840 EVO USB3
10/11/20 6:48 amAnonymous1238Samsung Evo+ (EXXQT C10 U1)
Samsung Evo+ (EXXQT C10 U1)
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SamsungEB1QTC10 U1
10/11/20 6:37 amAnonymous1258SanDisk Extreme (SNXXX A2 C10 V30 U3)
SanDisk Extreme (SNXXX A2 C10 V30 U3)
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SanDiskSN64GA2 C10 V30 U3
10/11/20 5:41 amAnonymous7710Samsung PM851 mSATA Series
Samsung PM851 mSATA Series
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SamsungMZMTE256HMHP-00000SSD (mSATA)
10/11/20 3:36 amAnonymous4400Kingston A400M Series
Kingston A400M Series
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KingstonSA400M8120GSSD (M.2 NVME)
10/11/20 1:56 amvemsom5517OCZ Trion 100 Series
OCZ Trion 100 Series
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OCZTRION100SSD (2.5" SATA)OCZ Triton 100 on a Pi 4 using DEltaco MAP-GD28U3 USB enclosure
10/10/20 6:19 pmAnonymous5884Samsung MZNT Series
Samsung MZNT Series
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SamsungMZNTY256HDHP-000H1SSD (M.2 SATA)
10/10/20 5:55 pmAnonymous628SanDisk Ultra (SLXXX C10)
SanDisk Ultra (SLXXX C10)
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10/10/20 4:34 pmAnonymous7470PNY CS900
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PNYCS900120GBSSDSSD (2.5" SATA)PNY CS900 on Pi4 4GB Startech adapter
10/10/20 4:27 pmAnonymous1556Phison SD OEM (SDXXX A1 C10 V10 U1)
Phison SD OEM (SDXXX A1 C10 V10 U1)
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PhisonSD32GA1 C10 V10 U1Kingston microSDHC Canvas Select Plus - 32GB
10/10/20 3:26 pmChrisL8015SanDisk Extreme II SSD
SanDisk Extreme II SSD
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SanDiskSDSSDHP128GSSD (2.5" SATA)SanDisk Ultra Plus 128GB on Pi4 using ELUTENG USB 3.0 USB C 3.1 Adapter (Amazon 2020-10)
10/10/20 1:21 pmAnonymous6103Crucial BX500 Series
Crucial BX500 Series
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CrucialCT1000BX500SSD1SSD (2.5" SATA)
10/10/20 1:03 pmAnonymous1417SanDisk Extreme (SEXXX A1 C10 U1)
SanDisk Extreme (SEXXX A1 C10 U1)
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SanDiskSC128A1 C10 U1SanDisk SSD 128GB
10/10/20 12:51 pmAnonymous1143SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
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SanDiskSC64GA1 C10 U1intenso
10/10/20 11:35 amJim "JR"5680Western Digital My Passport Ultra
Western Digital My Passport Ultra
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WDCMyPassport259FHDD (Portable)Western Digital My Passport Ultra-2Tb model WBDDKD0020BBK-0B
10/10/20 11:04 amAnonymous1658SanDisk Extreme Pro (SPXXX A1 C10 V30 U3)
SanDisk Extreme Pro (SPXXX A1 C10 V30 U3)
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SanDiskSP32GA1 C10 V30 U3Sandisk Extreme Pro Raspi4 64Bit
10/10/20 10:45 amC1092SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
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SanDiskSC32GA1 C10 U1Crucial BX200 SSD Pi4 Startech usb adapter
10/10/20 10:43 amisteiner8446KingSpec Z3 Portable Series
KingSpec Z3 Portable Series
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KingSpecZ3-256SSD (Portable)KingSpec Z3 256GB on Pi4 with USB3.1
10/10/20 10:04 amAnonymous7364KingSpec MT Series
KingSpec MT Series
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KingSpecMT-64SSD (mSATA)
10/10/20 10:01 amAnonymous667PNY High Performance
PNY High Performance
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LexarSDU32C10 U1Micro SD 32GB