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1/21/20 7:37 amAnonymous4425Crucial BX500 Series
Crucial BX500 Series
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CrucialCT120BX500SSD1SSD (2.5" SATA)Crucial BX500 120GB
1/21/20 5:36 amAnonymous1219SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
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SanDiskSC32GA1 C10 U1Sandisk SD-card
1/21/20 4:03 amAnonymous653Kingston Digital (SD32G C10 U3)
Kingston Digital (SD32G C10 U3)
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KingstonSD32GC10 U3Kingston 32GB HCI
1/21/20 2:20 amAnonymous1090SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
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SanDiskSC32GA1 C10 U1SanDisk Ultra 32GB Class10 A1 on Pi 4
1/21/20 12:40 amAnonymous6084Samsung MZNLN Series
Samsung MZNLN Series
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SamsungMZNLN256HAJQ-000H1SSD (M.2 SATA)
1/21/20 12:03 amsandiskhdmmc992SanDisk Ultra (SLXXX A1 C10 V10 U1)
SanDisk Ultra (SLXXX A1 C10 V10 U1)
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SanDiskSL32GA1 C10 V10 U1SanDisk HD+ SD_MMC
1/20/20 9:06 pmAnonymous1157SanDisk Ultra (SLXXX C10 U1)
SanDisk Ultra (SLXXX C10 U1)
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SanDiskSL32GC10 U1SanDisk 32 GB mSD
1/20/20 7:23 pmAnonymous1122SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
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SanDiskSC16GA1 C10 U1
1/20/20 7:23 pmAnonymous1515Seagate Backup+ Slim
Seagate Backup+ Slim
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SeagateBUPSlimBKHDD (Portable)Seagate RSS LLC Backup Plus Slim in Pi 4
1/20/20 7:15 pmAnonymous5673Crucial M4 Series
Crucial M4 Series
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CrucialM4-CT128M4SSD2SSD (2.5" SATA)Crucial M4 SSD 128G SSD on Pi 4 using StarTech SATA to USB adapter
1/20/20 6:42 pmAnonymous4230PNY CS900
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1/20/20 2:36 pmAnonymous3692AData SU650
AData SU650
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ADataSU650SSD (2.5" SATA)pi4 hub adata
1/20/20 2:18 pmAnonymous8862Samsung 860 Evo
Samsung 860 Evo
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SamsungSSD860EVO1TBSSD (2.5" SATA)Samsung 860 EVO SSD on Pi 4 using ORICO External Hard Drive Enclosure SATA III to USB3.1 Gen2
1/20/20 2:04 pmChris2547PNY CS900
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1/20/20 1:31 pmAnonymous1644Western Digital My Passport Portable HDD
Western Digital My Passport Portable HDD
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WDCMyPassport0810HDD (Portable)WD My Passport Ultra 1TB on Pi 4 using USB3
1/20/20 1:14 pmimightbesomeoneelse-11247Samsung Evo (EC2QT C10 U3)
Samsung Evo (EC2QT C10 U3)
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SamsungEC2QTC10 U3Samsung 64 GB micro SD
1/20/20 12:44 pmAnonymous6269Inland Professional
Inland Professional
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InlandSATASSDSSD (2.5" SATA)Inland Professional SSD 240GB
1/20/20 12:31 pmengeen7546Corsair Voyager GTX Series
Corsair Voyager GTX Series
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CorsairVoyagerGTXSSD (Portable)Corsair Voyager GTX 256GB on Pi 4 USB3
1/20/20 12:23 pmimightbesomeone6168Samsung T5 Portable
Samsung T5 Portable
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SamsungPortableSSDT5SSD (Portable)Samsung T5 SSD
1/20/20 11:44 amAnonymous5572SanDisk SSD Plus
SanDisk SSD Plus
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SanDiskSSDPLUS240GBSSD (2.5" SATA)SanDisk SSD Plus 240GB SDSSDA-240G on Pi 4 using StarTech SATA to USB adapter
1/20/20 10:56 amPequeno461Kingston DataTraveler DTR30
Kingston DataTraveler DTR30
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KingstonDataTraveler3.0USB Flash3+ Kingston USB stick 106
1/20/20 10:16 amAnonymous911SanDisk Ultra (AXLCX A1 C10)
SanDisk Ultra (AXLCX A1 C10)
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SanDiskACLCDA1 C10
1/20/20 10:05 amPequeno1164Samsung Evo+ (EXXQT C10 U1)
Samsung Evo+ (EXXQT C10 U1)
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SamsungEB1QTC10 U14G4 Samsung SDcard
1/20/20 9:39 amAnonymous1602Lexar 633x
Lexar 633x
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Lexar5cMJRA1 C10 V10 U1
1/20/20 9:33 amAnonymous8459LITEON MU3 Series
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1/20/20 8:14 amAnonymous576Toshiba SD (SA16G C10 U1)
Toshiba SD (SA16G C10 U1)
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ToshibaSA16GC10 U1UltimaProClas10
1/20/20 7:57 amAnonymous1281Samsung Evo+ (EXXQT C10 U3)
Samsung Evo+ (EXXQT C10 U3)
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SamsungED4QTC10 U3Samsung microSDXC UHS-I Card EVO 128GB
1/20/20 6:50 amAnonymous4052KingDian Portable Series
KingDian Portable Series
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KingDianP10120GBSSD (Portable)kingdian ssd on pi4
1/20/20 5:31 amAnonymous1109SanDisk Ultra (SLXXX A1 C10 U1)
SanDisk Ultra (SLXXX A1 C10 U1)
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SanDiskSL16GA1 C10 U1Std
1/20/20 1:56 amAnonymous643Kingston Canvas Select (SD C10 U1)
Kingston Canvas Select (SD C10 U1)
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KingstonSD16GC10 U1