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4/3/20 5:53 pmAnonymous6116PNY CS1311
PNY CS1311
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PNYCS1311240GBSSDSSD (2.5" SATA)PNY SSD 240GB JMicron USB Adapter with quirks
4/3/20 5:33 pmAnonymous8131Kingston SSDNow V300
Kingston SSDNow V300
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KingstonSV300S37A24SSD (2.5" SATA)Kingston SV300S37A/240G on Pi4 using Eluteng SATA to USB Enclosure
4/3/20 4:37 pmdeadmeat8390Intel 335 Series
Intel 335 Series
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IntelSSDSC2CT060A3SSD (2.5" SATA)Intel 330 SSD on Pi4 using ASM1051E SATA 6Gb/s bridge
4/3/20 3:56 pmAnonymous494TI SD OEM (N/A C6)View ProductTIN/AC6a
4/3/20 3:41 pmAnonymous10016OCZ Vertex3 Series
OCZ Vertex3 Series
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4/3/20 3:38 pmkaraiskos9861Samsung 970 Evo Plus
Samsung 970 Evo Plus
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SamsungSSD970EVOPlusSSD (M.2 NVME)
4/3/20 3:16 pmAnonymous4959Samsung 850 Evo
Samsung 850 Evo
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SamsungSSD850EVO250GBSSD (2.5" SATA)
4/3/20 2:26 pmAnonymous1076SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
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SanDiskSC16GA1 C10 U1sd card
4/3/20 2:21 pmAnonymous509SanDisk Ultra (SLXXX C10)
SanDisk Ultra (SLXXX C10)
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4/3/20 2:19 pmAnonymous6359Silicon Power A55 Series
Silicon Power A55 Series
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SPSolidStateDiskSSD (2.5" SATA)Silicon Power S60 120GB on Pi 4 using Eluteng SATA to USB adapter on RSHTECH powered 4 port powered usb 3.0 hub witj ASM1053 chipset
4/3/20 2:06 pmAnonymous1608SanDisk Extreme (SEXXX A1 C10 V30 U3)
SanDisk Extreme (SEXXX A1 C10 V30 U3)
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SanDiskSE32GA1 C10 V30 U3SanDisk Extreme 32GB microSD V30 HC1 U3 A1
4/3/20 1:43 pmAnonymous1263Samsung Evo (EC2QT C10 U3)
Samsung Evo (EC2QT C10 U3)
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SamsungEC2QTC10 U3Sansung EVO microsd
4/3/20 1:38 pmAnonymous4660Corsair Force GT Series
Corsair Force GT Series
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CorsairForceGTSSD (2.5" SATA)
4/3/20 1:37 pmMaurice1431Phison SD OEM (SDXXX C10 U1)
Phison SD OEM (SDXXX C10 U1)
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PhisonSD32GC10 U1Micro Center $5 sd card 32gb Ubuntu 18.04
4/3/20 1:23 pmAnonymous759Samsung Evo (EC2QT C10 U3)
Samsung Evo (EC2QT C10 U3)
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SamsungEC2QTC10 U3
4/3/20 1:19 pmTZ1122SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
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SanDiskSC32GA1 C10 U1TZ test
4/3/20 12:59 pmAnonymous8368Goodram CX400
Goodram CX400
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GoodramSSDPR-CX400-128SSD (2.5" SATA)
4/3/20 12:38 pmAnonymous1213SanDisk Ultra CZ48 USB
SanDisk Ultra CZ48 USB
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SanDiskUltraUSB3.0USB FlashSandisk 16GB
4/3/20 12:06 pmAnonymous5674Samsung T5 Portable
Samsung T5 Portable
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SamsungPortableSSDT5SSD (Portable)Samsung T5 500GB
4/3/20 11:33 amAnonymous7231Kingston A400S Series
Kingston A400S Series
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KingstonSA400S37120GSSD (2.5" SATA)Don't remember
4/3/20 11:32 amAnonymous1288SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10)
SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10)
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SanDiskSC16GA1 C1016GB SD RPI4
4/3/20 10:34 amAnonymous5610Transcend SSD300 Series
Transcend SSD300 Series
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TranscendTS128GSSD370SSSD (2.5" SATA)
4/3/20 10:26 amAnonymous8213Crucial BX300 Series
Crucial BX300 Series
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CrucialCT120BX300SSD1SSD (2.5" SATA)CrucialBX300 120GB Pi4 Rev1.2 Startec SATA to USB 3.0 Adapter
4/3/20 9:58 amFTEP8565PNY Elite Portable
PNY Elite Portable
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4/3/20 9:55 amAnonymous2659Kingston SSDNow V300
Kingston SSDNow V300
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KingstonSV300S37A60GSSD (2.5" SATA)Kingston SSDNow 300 on Pi 3B+ using UGREEN SATA III to USB 3.0 Adapter
4/3/20 9:41 amAnonymous8064Mushkin Source Series
Mushkin Source Series
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MushkinMKNSSDSR120GBSSD (2.5" SATA)Oyen Digital U32 Shadow Drive SSD on Pi 4
4/3/20 9:29 amAnonymous8545KingSpec Z3 Portable Series
KingSpec Z3 Portable Series
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KingSpecZ3-128SSD (Portable)Kingspec Z3 128Gb
4/3/20 8:44 amAnonymous1358SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
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SanDiskSC64GA1 C10 U1sd card
4/3/20 8:36 amAnonymous1146SanDisk Ultra (SLXXX C10 U1)
SanDisk Ultra (SLXXX C10 U1)
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SanDiskSL32GC10 U1sandisk rpi
4/3/20 8:10 amPyro442SanDisk Extreme (SUXXX C4)
SanDisk Extreme (SUXXX C4)
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SanDiskSU08GC4Sandisk SU08G on Pi 3B