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Benchmark #26986- Model: SanDisk SDSA6MM-016G-1006 - Brand: SanDisk U110 mSATA

Date:2020-06-13 09:16:19
Benchmark ID:26986
User Note:SanDisk SDSA6MM-016G-1006 2042 16Gb M.2 SSD on a Pi 4 using an Ebay NGFF SATA to USB 3.1 adapter
SanDisk U110 mSATA
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Brand:SanDisk U110 mSATA
Class:SSD (mSATA)
Capacity (GB):16G
Device Details
Form Factor:1.8 inch
Interface:Serial, SATA 1.0a, SATA II Extensions, SATA Rev 2.5, SATA Rev 2.6, SATA Rev 3.0
Rotation Rate (RPM):Solid State Device
USB Device ID:152d:0576
USB Vendor ID:0x152d (JMicron Technology Corp. / JMicron USA Technology Corp.)
USB Product ID:0x0576
USB Storage Driver:uas
Host System Details
Model:Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.2
Manufacturer:Raspberry Pi Foundation
Operating System:Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
CPU Clock:1500
Core Clock:500
RAM Clock:3200
Benchmark Results
DD Write Speed:24.2
HD Parm (Disk):297.33
HD Parm (Cached):247.28
FIO 4K Random Write (IOPS):1774
FIO 4K Random Read (IOPS):13884
FIO 4K Random Write:7099
FIO 4K Random Read:55538
IOZone 4K Read:69480
IOZone 4K Write:21080
IOZone 4K Random Read:72332
IOZone 4K Random Write:16212