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6/4/20 2:47 pmPintovski9035Samsung 970 Evo Plus
Samsung 970 Evo Plus
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SamsungSSD970EVOPlusSSD (M.2 NVME)Samsung 970 Evo Plus using Ewent USB-C 3.1 Gen2 NVMe SSD enclosure
6/4/20 2:02 pmAnonymous2836OCZ Vertex Series
OCZ Vertex Series
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6/4/20 1:23 pmAnonymous794SanDisk Ultra Fit
SanDisk Ultra Fit
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SanDiskUltraFitUSB Flashusb drive
6/4/20 12:51 pmAnonymous8124Kingston A400S Series
Kingston A400S Series
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KingstonSA400S37120GSSD (2.5" SATA)Kingston A400 SSD on Pi 4 using StarTech SATA to USB adapter
6/4/20 12:43 pmAnonymous1119SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10)
SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10)
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SanDiskSC16GA1 C10test
6/4/20 12:20 pmFredmoy107522Dogfish mSATA SSD
Dogfish mSATA SSD
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DogfishSSD128GBSSD (mSATA)mSATA 128GO DogFish on Pi 4 Using Digimate mSATA at USB
6/4/20 12:17 pmAnonymous8817Western Digital Blue M.2
Western Digital Blue M.2
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6/4/20 11:57 amAnonymous8238Inland Professional
Inland Professional
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InlandSATASSDSSD (2.5" SATA)Team 1Tb SSD w/Vantec NexStar 6G
6/4/20 11:04 amAnonymous1252SanDisk Ultra Fit
SanDisk Ultra Fit
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SanDiskUltraFitUSB Flashpi4sandisk
6/4/20 10:41 amAnonymous6182Samsung 860 Pro
Samsung 860 Pro
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SamsungSSD860PRO256GBSSD (2.5" SATA)
6/4/20 10:35 amAnonymous4444SanDisk Extreme Pro USB
SanDisk Extreme Pro USB
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SanDiskpSSDSSD (Portable)sandisk extreme pro ssd 128g
6/4/20 10:26 amAnonymous1173SanDisk Ultra CZ48 USB
SanDisk Ultra CZ48 USB
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SanDiskUltraUSB FlashSanDisk USB-Stick 16G
6/4/20 9:02 amAnonymous8666Crucial BX500 Series
Crucial BX500 Series
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CrucialCT120BX500SSD1SSD (2.5" SATA)
6/4/20 8:44 amBrainPain8180Intenso SSDSataIII Series
Intenso SSDSataIII Series
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IntensoSSDSataIIISSD (2.5" SATA)RPi 4B 4GB with 120GB Intenso running openhabian
6/4/20 7:24 amfxlupo4847Transcend MSA370 Series
Transcend MSA370 Series
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TranscendTS32GMSA370SSD (mSATA)Pi4 4GB with Transcend 32GB SATA III on x856 Board
6/4/20 7:14 amLSAKIRI1550SanDisk Extreme Pro (SPXXX A1 C10 V30 U3)
SanDisk Extreme Pro (SPXXX A1 C10 V30 U3)
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SanDiskSP32GA1 C10 V30 U3Sandisk Extreme Plus 32GB on Pi 4 4GB RAM overclocked cpu 2GHz and 600Mhz GPU
6/4/20 7:05 amAnonymous1163SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
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SanDiskSC32GA1 C10 U1stat
6/4/20 6:59 amAnonymous8343Kingston A400S Series
Kingston A400S Series
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KingstonSA400S37120GSSD (2.5" SATA)
6/4/20 6:49 amAnonymous8450SanDisk Extreme Portable
SanDisk Extreme Portable
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SanDiskSD9SN8W256GSSD (Portable)
6/4/20 6:44 amAnonymous8518PNY CS900
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PNYCS900120GBSSDSSD (2.5" SATA)PNY SSD Raspberry 1
6/4/20 6:10 amNikhil1801Western Digital Blue 3.5" HDD
Western Digital Blue 3.5
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WDCWD5000LPVX-00V0TT0HDD (3.5" SATA)WD BLUE 2.5" HDD 500GB WITH QuantumZERO USB 3.0/USB 3.1 Gen 1 Hard Drive Disk HDD/SSD Enclosure Case
6/4/20 5:10 amAnonymous7843Kingston SSDNow V400
Kingston SSDNow V400
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KingstonSUV400S37120GSSD (2.5" SATA)Kingston A400 SSD on Pi4 using StarTech [A
6/4/20 4:19 amAnonymous1268SanDisk Extreme (SNXXX A2 C10 V30 U3)
SanDisk Extreme (SNXXX A2 C10 V30 U3)
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SanDiskSN128A2 C10 V30 U3test
6/4/20 4:15 amin905SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
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SanDiskSC32GA1 C10 U1Generic microsd
6/4/20 3:29 amAnonymous7754KingSpec Z3 Portable Series
KingSpec Z3 Portable Series
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KingSpecZ3-128SSD (Portable)Pi ssd
6/3/20 9:31 pmAnonymous1148SanDisk Ultra (SLXXX A1 C10 V10 U1)
SanDisk Ultra (SLXXX A1 C10 V10 U1)
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SanDiskSL32GA1 C10 V10 U1Samsung USB 3.1 Thumbdrive
6/3/20 9:08 pmt5500gb8379Samsung T5 Portable
Samsung T5 Portable
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SamsungPortableSSDT5SSD (Portable)
6/3/20 7:57 pmrj8647Samsung 950 Pro
Samsung 950 Pro
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SamsungSSD950PROSSD (M.2 NVME)samsung950 nvme on tdbt adapter
6/3/20 7:12 pmCaribou5735Kingston SSDNow V200
Kingston SSDNow V200
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KingstonSVP200S3240GSSD (2.5" SATA)Orico 2588US3 - Kinston SSDNow 200 V+ 240 GB - RPI4 2GB
6/3/20 3:45 pmAnonymous1355SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
SanDisk Ultra (SCXXX A1 C10 U1)
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SanDiskSC64GA1 C10 U1SDCard Raspberry 2